The devices we use are completely suitable to aerial photography technique, and are systems acquiring latest technology that provides balance against vibration in the air, wind, temperature differences, moisture and foggy environment.

The objective glasses we use prevent the colours from fading due to light refraction, thanks to special filters. The cameras we use are 12MP, 16MP, 22MP, 39MP, and a diversity is shown according to the land or area where shooting is done.

Photograph Combination Technique:

According to the size of the region and the height of shooting, that is determined with the help of advanced technology computer software, 40+ photo frames, that are taken 30-40 % superimposed, are combined in computer environment, and one single photograpgh with ultra high resolution is obtained.

General - Panaromic Shots:

It is a work where the subject area is one region. These are shootings where the entire region is within a single frame. These shootings are used in the promoting of the municipalities and promotion foundations, of their region. Ex: Palaces, Historical Monuments, Squares, Districts, Towns, Villages, Industrial Zones...